Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Robots To Fetch $180,000

Arnold Schwarzenegger may seem an alien’s name but the very mention of ‘Terminator’ gives it a deserving identity. But if you count yourself among the category of ardent fans for the duo then you won’t give a second thought for bidding the two life- size robot doubles that have reached the auction block demanding $180,000.

Terminator Robots

A chrome-plated T-800 “endoskeleton” marked in the beginning of “Terminator 2” set in the Los Angeles of 2029, is anticipated to fetch around $100,000. Also, fleshed-out form that was featured in the “Terminator 3″ finale is expected to generate sales of nearly $60,000 to $80,000. Folks, if you are evocative about Arnie and his job as a robot then do try your luck right at the Profiles in History auction house in Calabasas, California. Word is around that a proportion of the sales would be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund. Other objects on sale counts the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from “Jurassic Park” and Jean-Luc Picard’s “Star Trek” command chair.

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