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Holidays Please Launches the Most Expensive Golf Trip in the World for £250,000

The European Tour has inspired a lot of us to take up golf seriously and aspire to become a professional golfer. Holidays Please, a UK based company has announced a 100 day tour that

Air France Announces Private Jet Service for Connecting Flights Within Europe

The competition to attract the top end of flying passengers has intensified. Air France has announced a new option for its first class passengers. The French airline has teamed up with French business jet

One of Five 1954 Ferrari 375-Plus Ever Made Fetches a Record £10.75 at a British Auction

If it is a Ferrari it is bound to be expensive and if it is a rare model it gets into record books easily. In a recent auction a rare Ferrari, the 375-Plus, has

Bentley is Working towards Launching the World’s Most Expensive SUV by 2016

The competition is on to make the world’s most expensive SUV. Wolfgang Dürheimer, the head of Bentley Motors, believes that the top end luxury SUVs offered by BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover are cheap

Happiness Blanket Launched by British Airways Senses the Mood of the Passengers

British Airways aims to make the flying experience with the airline pleasurable for all its passengers and to find out what makes the flying passengers happy the British airline has launched a ‘happiness blanket’

Sublimotion,World’s Most Expensive Restaurant offers Gastro Sensory Experience for £1,210

The cost of a meal goes up due to the location of the restaurant as well as the way the meal is presented. Sublimotion, a new restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in the

One Cent Magenta, World’s Most Valuable Postage Stamp Fetches $9.5 Million at Auction

A one inch postage stamp has repeatedly created the record for the most valuable stamp in the world. It recreated a new record by fetching a whopping $9.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in

Vacation Rental Website Launched by Four Seasons for Luxury Travelers

Four Seasons has launched, their Vacation Rental website. They have put together some of the world’s most exclusive properties ranging from urban residences to resort villas and backed them with the customized service

California Firm Sells Carved Pure Ice Cubes for $325 for a Bag of 50

Gläce Luxury Ice Company, based in Davis, California is making and selling what could safely be called the most expensive ice cube. Founded by Roberto Sequeira, a business school lecturer at the University of

Peter Doig May Become Britain’s Most Expensive Living Artist After June 30 Auctions

Damien Hirst has had a long innings as Britain’s most expensive living artist. But now he has a real challenger in painter Peter Doig who is known for his colorful, abstracted landscapes. Hirst’s most
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