Victoria Beckham Designs Crocodile Skin Luxury Handbag For Selfridges

Victoria Beckham is always in the news. Earlier this month, Posh Spice grabbed headlines following the birth of her fourth child, Harper Seven Beckham on 11 July. Prior to this, tabloids followed Posh Spice’s pregnancy journey, covering her shopping expeditions, nursery spendings and eyeballing her pregnant mother wardrobe. David Beckham’s style icon wife certainly knows how to command media interest in her activities.

The mother of four is not content with merely being a mother. Thus, Posh Spice is back in the news for designing a beautiful and highly exclusive white crocodile skin bag for Selfridges. The white bag that features gold detailing including a link chain strap will be part of Selfridges’ White Christmas 2011 collection. The choice of getting Victoria Beckham to design the bag probably stemmed from the former Spice Girl’s own collection of over 100 Hermes bags. It is believed that Mrs Beckham’s Hermes collection alone costs over £1.5 million.

Priced at £8,995, the white bag designed by Victoria Beckham for Selfridges’ Christmas collection should be beyond the reach of all but the superrich. The bag was unveiled at the Selfridge’s store on Friday, and it could soon upset animal rights group PETA. The cause of disagreement here will not be the exorbitant price, but the material used to design this exquisite luxury handbag. If you follow Mrs Beckham’s designs, you will be aware that she is partial to using reptile skins in her handbag designs, though she steers clear of fur.

In the recent past, PETA had approached Victoria Beckham, requesting her to avoid using reptile skins in her luxury handbag designs. PETA spokesperson David W. Perle had revealed that the animal rights organization has previously approached the former Spice Girl “… 100 per cent respectfully – over the suffering of lizards and other reptiles who are often skinned alive for fashion.” However, the group remained appreciative of her not using animal fur in her creations.

PETA may not have woken up to the exclusive £8,995 crocodile skin luxury handbag being offered at Selfridges’ yet. But the upmarket store chain in the United Kingdom does not seem at all worried. Along with the crocodile skin bag by Victoria Beckham, Selfridges unveiled a range of other fashion items from its upcoming Christmas collection. The theme for Selfridge’s new Christmas collection is white, and there are luxury buys that will suit buyers like Mrs. Beckham and her ilk perfectly.

Among the star attractions in this collection is a wedding dress designed by Brazillian designer Daniella Helayel, which costs £620. Also on offer are white silk underwear bearing a real diamond. This is designed by Nichole de Carle and comes with a price tag of £300. There are also £550 cashmere babygrows from Baby Dior. Other goodies include an ultra-expensive advent calendar that costs a staggering £18,000. This comprises a piece of furniture that carries a miniature designer accessory to mark each day. The likes of Christian Louboutin have contributed to this.

From next month onwards, the Selfridges’ White Christmas 2011 line will be available at as well as at retail outlets in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Via: Daily Mail

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