Victoria Beckham’s Fourth Child To Enjoy 1 Million Luxury

The Beckhams’ fourth child has arrived. The former captain of the England football team announced the birth of daughter Harper Seven Beckham on his Facebook page earlier this morning. The 7-pound baby was born by Caesarean at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles at 7.55am this morning. Victoria Beckham’s other children were also born by Caesarean.

But even prior to the birth of the new Beckham baby, sources had revealed Victoria has already started planning outfits for her new baby girl. According to news reports, many top designers from around the world have sent Posh Spice clothes for new mom and baby. In fact, the infant should already living in the lap of luxury at the luxury birthing suites that the Beckhams have splashed out on.

Apparently, the Beckhams have spent £1 million on “baby bonding” suites both at the hospital where Victoria was to deliver as well as at their Los Angeles mansion. These suites are designed to provide the best of luxury to baby and mother. Victoria has spent upwards of £6,000 on Jo Malone scented candles and bath oils. Also on offer are the highest quality cashmere blankets and mood lighting. The 37-year-old mother has also spent on special Egyptian 1,000-thread-count cotton sheets for the crib. The luxury birthing suites are also equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets.

Reports have claimed that the Beckhams are “stunned” because Baby Harper is a striking image of Victoria as a baby. A friend of the Beckhams was reported to have explained that the name “Harper” was a name that Victoria had always like. The friend also explained that the “Seven” in the baby’s name as a lucky number, more so because the child was born just after 7am and during the seventh month of the year. It could also be a reference to David’s jersey number when he played for England and Manchester United.

News of the newborn has already brought in congratulations from various celebrities. Former Spice Girl “Baby Spice” Emma Bunton tweeted, “Big kiss to @victoriabeckham can’t wait to meet your gorgeous little girl!” Meanwhile, a pregnant Mel B also went on Twitter to say, “congrats!!! Yipeee another spice baby is born, damn it wish it was me this AM cos I feel like I’m about to POP!”

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