Presenting The All New Luxurious Gold & Diamond Apple iPad Supreme Edition

It seems that, since the launch of the immensely famous and highly desirable tablet device from Apple Inc, the iPad, the world doesn’t seem to get enough of this most sought after gadget of the year. After achieving various accomplishments including a sale a million iPads in just one month, the device is still on a fame roll that has no intentions of slowing down.

Now, Katherine Hughes, the better half of the famed luxury gadget designer, Stuart Hughes has designed an all new iPad, called Apple iPad Supreme Edition. This one of a kind iPad is made entirely of Gold and Diamonds. The front and the back of the device is fabricated from solid 22ct gold and weighs quite a cumbersome, 2,100 grams. To further glorify this unique creation, Ms. Hughes has used 53 individually set sparkling gems in conjunction with the 22ct Apple logo and the iPad has been encrusted with 25.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds. This incredibly gorgeous iPad is the Wifi + 3G model and in effort to maintain its exclusivity, Katherine Hughes has decided to make only 10 units of this device. The all new gold and diamond iPad will be launched on May 14th, 2010.

As the iPad has become the epitome of mobile computing, so has the team of Stuart and Katherine Hughes become the threshold of luxury gadgets, that create a sense of utter exclusivity. This incredible and highly artistic duo under the banner of GoldStriker International have an immense affinity towards glittering gold, diamonds, platinum and other highly expensive metals, that make their way to some of the most popular gadgets and make them even more unique and exclusive. The Hughes team has already given the world of luxury goods with the world’s most expensive luxury mobile phone, an equally expensive and gorgeous Apple MacBook Air and a masterpiece of luxury craftsmanship in the form of Blackberry Bold 2.

Update: We have received word on the price of this incredibly gorgeous Apple iPad Supreme Edition. The device carries a price tag of a whopping $188,894 per piece.

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