Stuart Hughes Present The World’s Costliest Luxury Mobile Phone

Ever since the launch of the Apple iPhone 3GS, the world of smart phones has seen a new era of technology and style all rolled into one. The iPhone 3GS has captivated the imagination and senses of just about every gadget enthusiast, regardless of the fact whether they own one or not and so it has even made its mark on the luxury mobile phone industry. One of the most renowned names in this category, Stuart Hughes, who had presented us with the luxurious Nokia Supreme has now introduced the insanely luxurious version of the iPhone 3GS, which is also being considered as the most expensive phone in the world.

Goldstriker International’s iPhone 3GS Supreme is a one of its kind luxury phone that is available for a whopping $3.2Â million, thereby making it the world’s most expensive mobile phone. The casing of the phone itself is made entirely of 271 grams of 22 carat high grade gold, with the front panel consisting of an astounding 68 carats of 136 flawless diamonds and the navigation button on the iPhone 3GS Supreme is composed of a single rare 7.1 carat diamond. The device’s carry box is made entirely from solid granite, sporting Kashmir gold and with exquisite leather interiors and the case itself weighs about 7 kg. The handset itself is available for consumers across the globe and come unlocked, without any prior obligations with any wireless network carrier.

Goldstriker International is the brainchild of Mr. Stuart Hughes, from Liverpool, England and the company specializes in the conversion of conventional mobile phones into rare, exquisite and luxurious devices, with the use of incredibly expensive materials such as gold, platinum etc. Mr. Hughes, along with his wife, Catherine has taken the concept of luxury mobile phones to an all new threshold and ensured the exclusivity of the devices with their limited availability.

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