Stuart Hughes Presents Yet Another Masterpiece In The Form Of The All New Blackberry Bold 2

Considered to be one of the most influential and advanced business phones in the world, the all new Blackberry Bold 2 has finally been given the royal treatment it deserves and that too by none other than, Mr. Stuart Hughes himself. This unique artist is known to bring the very essence of some of the most sought after gadgets in the world, with his intricate artistry with gold, platinum and diamonds.

For his latest masterpiece, Mr Hughes has now introduced an all new diamond studded Blackberry Bold 2, that will take your breath away. The Bold 2 is adorned with sparkling 6 carat VVS1 diamonds, that are neatly placed in the front lower section of the phone as well as the stainless steel rear of the device. To compliment this incredible work of art, Mr. Hughes has also designed an equally gorgeous and exclusive hand finished wallet, which is made entirely from real Ostrich foot. This wallet is not only awe inspiring with its looks, but is also quite hand as well, with space provided to hold up to four credit cards.

This incredible combination of Blackberry Bold 2 and the Ostrich foot wallet is to remain highly exclusive and Mr. Hughes plans to create only ten of these gorgeous pieces of art. This mind blowing collection is available with a price tag of $22,794 a piece.

Via Stuart Hughes

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