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A $1.5 Million Travel Package Takes You to 7 Cities in 14 Days

When two top brands of the luxury travel industry come together to devise a package you can be sure that the resultant experience will be a memorable one. Abercombie & Kent, the renowned luxury

Desvall’s Bugatti Shisha Pipe is Priced at $100,000

Bugatti Veyron is scheduled to have a production run of only 450 units out of which 400 have already rolled out of its production line. Majority of the units have been shipped to the

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden Reopens in Its 24th Year

Hotel made of ice is an interesting concept that was first tried out in Jukkasjärvi, 120 miles above the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden. It has reopened this winter again and is celebrating its

W Verbier Hotel & Residences is the First Ski Resort by the Hospitality Chain

W Hotels Worldwide has positioned itself as a brand for a new generation of luxury traveler and has developed its properties and services accordingly. They have expanded rapidly and have recently opened their 45th

Suryagarh: Jaisalmer’s Paradise For Royals

“Hello Royalty, We are here to visit Heritage”. Yes, we are in Suryagarh,  Jasialmer, the Golden City. Thanks to the yellow sand and sandstone walled architecture. This looks tawny lion color during the day

W/Me is a Fitness Band that Also Measures Your Mood and Breathing

The modern hectic and stressful lifestyle makes even the young face many health issues. The environment we live and work in makes it difficult to relax in true sense. Under the circumstances, any tool

18, Carlton House Terrace is the Most Expensive House in the World

The real estate markets have bounced back and firmed up after hitting rock bottom during the economic downturn. Luxury properties are coming back on the market and consistently creating new records. 18, Carlton House

Penthouse Atop Pierre Hotel Becomes the Most Expensive Penthouse at $125 Million

This most expensive penthouse occupies the top of a building and is valued more than the rest of the building. And when the building is the most valuable in the vicinity, its penthouse becomes

Homes Made From Bamboo in Green Village in Bali Costs Between £300,000 and £1.2million

The elite and the rich today have become conscious about the environment and though they are not prepared to compromise with luxury they are opting increasingly for sustainable solutions. Designer Elora Hardy has created

Trophy Home in New York Inspired by Palace of Versailles Listed for $114 Million

Trophy homes were not adversely affected even when the global economy went into a downturn. Now with the real estate market looking up more such homes are coming on the market. A potential record
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