Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable is an Improvement on Walker Audio’s Earlier Models

In the digital world today the turntable has lost its position of eminence but if you are willing to pay through your nose Walker Audio has created the turntable that is capable of producing the most realistic sound. They were in the news earlier when they had released their Proscenium Black Diamond III turntable which holds the record for being the world’s most expensive turntable. Their new creation the PBD V turntable is an improvement on the earlier model and boasts of several features that makes it capable of reproducing sound in its truest form. Their long experience in the field and their expertise is all on display in the new turntable.

The Use of Fine Grained Crystalline Material Improved Its Performance

The motor base assembly, the air supply and the record clamp have all been revamped. Another major factor that differentiates the new model from its predecessors is the strategic use of fine-grained crystalline material at several places in the turntable’s operation. This revolutionary material has been recently developed after a sustained process of research and development. The impact of the new material is rather impressive as it cancels almost entirely the effect of all EMI, RFI and microwaves and reduces dramatically the static build up. The precision engineering involved in crafting this turntable is remarkable and it makes it friction free,resonance-free, and electrical-noise-free.

Walker Audio's Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable

The Walker Proscenium Turntable Upgraded with the New Features

This new PBD V turntable is truly a work of audio art. It is designed to be perfectly accurate and it can be safely said that no other turntable can reproduce sounds that are so close to reality. It reproduces amazing sound that has crystal-clear transparency, explosive dynamics, expansive sound staging and profound bass. You might have been impressed by the AMG V12 turntable or the Onedof turntable or the Jubilee turntable earlier but you will forget all of them when you see the PBD V turntable and hear it perform. Any good thing comes with a heavy price tag and this turntable is no exception. The PBD V turntable is priced at $105,000 and the good news is that if you already have the Walker Proscenium turntable you don’t have to buy the new one but can get it upgraded to incorporate all the advanced Black Diamond V features.

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