The Viella 12 Turntable by AMG to Boost the Art of Vinyl Playback

With rapid changes in technology you at times feel nostalgic about the original technology. The turntable and the vinyl in its time had given a new edge to the quality of sound and a big boost to the music industry. The long playing albums and their covers were as exciting as the music. But the technology marched on and digitization became the norm. It gave you more control on the sound and music and the entire recording process changed. But the older generation can never forget the thrill of holding the new record of their favorite band. It is for them that Analog Manufaktur Germany or AMG has created the V12 or AMG Viella 12. It is a precision engineered turntable and the latest high end audio equipment from the German manufacturer.

The First Turntable Made by AMG

The high end turntable has been priced at $16,500 if you opt for the model with the 12” tonearm. If you don’t want the tonearm it will cost you only $13,500. The new piece of audio equipment is custom made in Munich, Germany. It is the first turntable made by AMG which was earlier known as Benz AMG. The V12 is a perfect example of precision and classic design. The final product and its design is a result of a lot of hard work by a group of audio industry experts. The goal in front of them was to create a product that would encourage the advancement of the art of vinyl playback. Can you imagine a situation when a vinyl edition of the album is released simultaneously with the DVD? I am sure that with the modern recording technology the sound reproduction of vinyl will also be much better than it used to be.

Werner Roeschlau and his Team of Master Machinists

Werner Roeschlau leads AMG by example. He is the driving force and the designer for AMG. His son supports him in managing their bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich. He has collected around him a team of master machinists who deliver the kind of precision that is very difficult to achieve. And that’s the reason why all their machining is done in house. They will not be able to deliver the quality if they outsource the job. Their factory is very well equipped and that’s why their CNC machines, custom lathes and drill presses are able to replicate to the last millimeter all their Computer Aided Design.

Viella 12: A Perfect Product

AMG had not created a turntable of their own but they have been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world’s most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. Creating their own design was a natural progression and the resultant Viella12 can find a place right at the top amongst the best in the world. Its plinth has been machined out of 25mm aircraft grade aluminum. It features a low-speed brushless, precision 24v DC motor. It offers 33.3, 45, and 78 speeds with electronic on/off, speed change, and speed fine adjust. The specifications will get highly technical. In brief one can only say that the best material has been engineered to create a perfect product.

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