Goldmund’s Presents World’s Most Expensive Turntable for $300,000

The whooping cost of stereo-system has always been a status symbol for the obdurate music enthusiasts. Having told you about world’s most expensive speaker earlier, this time we have a million dollar turntable from Goldmund. After Goldmund’s media room that featured 128 speakers, now it is Reference II turntable that enjoys the reputation of being the world’s most-expensive turntable.

All set to turn the ambience making you crazy to its beat, this $300,000 turntable flaunts a 20kg salver machined to a hundredth of a millimeter, a vibrating motor guarded by 15kg of brass, and teflon-insulated signal-caring electronics. Other features include cog-free motor with minimum electrical and perfunctory sound, liquid-nitrogen-rectified belt, built-in touch controls on the tabletop along with new Goldmund T8 straight-line tone arm. Counted 25 units are been sold on subscription with an utmost production of 5 units every year.


Goldmund Turntable

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