Presenting The All New & State Of The Art $150,000 Onedof Turntable For Ultimate DJ Fun

In the 21st century, just about every party or event is considered to be incomplete without the presence of a professional DJ, who can let you dance to the grooves of some of the hottest remix tracks. All you DJs around the world, Behold! One of the most expensive turntables has now been showcased at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado and carries a price tag of an overwhelming $150,000. This magnificent new turn table called, One Degree Of Freedom or Onedof has been designed and developed by Aleks Bakman, a former engineer with NASA and who is also the recipient of numerous awards. Turntables in the recent years have come from a long way from simply being an instrument of the DJs and have witnessed some of the most luxurious treatments, such the burl wood turntable, Legno turntable and the famous diamond turntable from Scheu Analog.

There have even been attempts at the creation of some of the most unique and exotic turntables  such as the Angelis Labor Gabriel luxury turntable and the Acutus Reference turntable record player that carries a $24,000 price tag.

However, the all new Onedof turntable stands out among the rest that comes with a 50 pound self-centering platter bearing sitting in a non-resonant liquid suspension. This unique technology ensures that there is no acoustic distortion during the turntable’s operations. Furthermore, to ensure flawless performance, the Onedof has been given a noise cancelling drive that comes with an on-the-fly vertical motor. Thus one of a kind drive is the product of Swiss craftsmanship as well as American engineering, while the drive itself is powered by a state of the art processor from Texas Instruments.

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