P@d ichair is an Intelligent Furniture Designed Specifically for Geeks

Chairs are very important for the geeks as they spend long hours sitting on them to do all their work. Simple chairs aren’t good enough for them as they need something on which they can relax, communicate and work all at the same time. Geeks understand and appreciate technology and are more than willing to incorporate it in any product to turn it into a smart and intelligent product. There have been several experiments done with furniture to make them multimedia capable. Furniture with integrated technology becomes more than simple furniture and not only becomes more comfortable but more useful.

There have been several examples in the past of versatile and innovative multimedia chairs. The ergonomically designed iPad chair had attracted the attention of everybody. The trend is gaining momentum and we now have the intelligent P@d ichair that enables you to relax, communicate and work at the same time. And what is more, it transform into a traditional upholstered chair when you are not working. The intelligent chair has been designed and manufactured by Rossin who have been in the business of upholstery manufacturing since 1964. The exclusive chair has been designed to provide solutions to all our communication needs.

The P@d is an intelligent and high-tech chair. The chair comes with folding swivel trays for all kinds of gadgets including the mobile phone, mouse, laptops, drinks, pens, books and many more. The design of the chair is very practical and functional and yet very elegant. The frame of the chair has been fabricated in plywood and finest quality solid wood. The polyurethane foam used in the chair is flame retardant and has been covered with special fiber wadding. There are aluminum elements and chrome plated steel which has been used in a discreet design for the chair. The table top is made from toughened acid-etched glass. The manufacturers recommend the Acoustable, a high-tech coffee table with the P@d ichair.

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