Singaporean Businessman Buys Tickets Aboard Virgin Galactic for $1 Million

We have heard about the space voyages that have been promised by Virgin Galactin several times in the past. In fact, space travel has been one of the foremost interest areas for many luxury travel companies,. Nevertheless it didn’t really take off until this Singaporean family booked a $1 million trip aboard the space-tourism airline Virgin Galactic. The man has requested the airlines to keep his name a secret as he plans to surprise his wife and two children with the trip.

They will become the first family of Asia to travel in the space. Right from 2005, Virgin Galactic has been selling tickets for $200,000 but so far the flight hasn’t taken place. It remains to be seen when the spaceship will finally take off from the New Mexico space landing port. The Singaporean businessman apparently signed the contract for space travel and an entire flight over lunch and he didn’t think much of it.

Probably it has got to do a lot with the stable economic conditions of Singapore and also the ability of Singaporeans to afford luxury more than their counterparts in other countries. The island nation has been relatively well off in spite of recession and global economic meltdowns. Apparently, the company has also ordered several spacecrafts imagining the number of people that would want to travel into space. You could also take a look at space hotel, space wedding and space wedding rings that we had written about earlier.  If you were planning to fly into space, this might be the best way to do so.

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