Virgin Galactic ‘Founder’ Passenger Reveals Space Travel Could Soon be On Cards

All our lives we have dreamed about going to the space, and read enviously how rigorously astronauts seek training before they land on the moon or wherever else. In fact, going to the space has been most of our dreams which may or may not be fulfilled.

However, Virgin Atlantic has decided that it is time non-astronauts could experience what it is like to travel around the galaxy. Of course, that might be a little too far-fetched but you would at least get to leave earth’s atmosphere. Virtuoso CEO and Virgin Galactic ‘Founder’ Passenger, Matthew D. Upchurch has announced that space travel could soon become reality and Virtuoso’s Accredited Space Agents have already made sales worth $10 million.

We have already witnessed and read about the amazing and stunning glide flight and landing at Mojave Air & Spaceport. SpaceShipTwo would soon be test tried and if all goes well, we might soon be heading towards travelling in space. We no longer need to plan trips to the other continent, and instead we could plan to go to the neighbouring planet or moon. It is not clear how much it would cost.

Read Sir Richard Branson’s interview here.


Via: PR News Wire

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