Space Hotel Envisioned by Masters Students from IDE

A group of brilliant Masters Students from IDE, which is run jointly by Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, have come up with phenomenal plans to build a hotel in space, which can then be fitted to the International Space Station. Indeed, this will be very cool in case the plans work successfully. The enthusiastic students have already unveiled a 12 meter-long replica of the hotel interior, besides the animated computer designs.

The students really worked hard to design the project, which could function in a zero gravity environment. The students worked with Daniele Badini, who is a renowned visiting lecturer and space architecture expert. The whole thing was a challenging task and the students really worked hard. The toilets were specially designed small in order to save space.

As there cannot be washing machines o wash clothes, the students settled the scores by designing the clothes that can enable the skin to breathe, which reduces sweating, smells and the need for clothes to be washed. The major challenge faced by the students was to design the sleeping method in zero gravity. They came up with single and double sleeping bags with soft elastic covers. One of the outstanding creations of the students was creating a floating camera to capture the trip for the couple.

Via: ScienceDaily

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