Space Tourism To Get A Big Boost With A Proposed Russian Space Hotel, The Commercial Space Station

Though the trend of space of tourism is still in its infancy, yet the concept has already lead to the spawning of one of the most renowned sub orbital crafts, the SpaceShip Two from Virgin Galactic and an rather unique concept of space travel in a helium filled balloon called, the Bloon from zero2infinity. However, as we come closer to the fulfillment of this ambitious dream, the fact that remains that space travel is also a very out of the box yet lucrative proposition for the hospitality industry.  Realizing the immense monetary potential and groundbreaking benefits of space tourism, Russia has announced its plans of constructing a space hotel or formally known as the Commercial Space Station some 217 miles into the earth’s orbit. The visionaries behind the space hotel state that the establishment will provide comfortable and approving accommodations to the space tourists that will be quite high in quality than the present ones in the International Space Station (ISS) for astronauts and cosmonauts. The structure of the Commercial Space Station will have space for seven tourists housed in four cabins, offering a breathtaking view of earth in its constant rotational motion.

To reach the Commercial Space Station, the tourists will have to endure a two day journey on board a Soyuz rocket and the space hotel will provide the guests with beds that can be aligned vertically or horizontally aided by the zero gravity. Unlike the ISS, where the occupants are left with sponge baths, the space hotel will enable the guests to take actual water showers in sealed shower rooms. Furthermore, in its own unique form of luxury, the space hotel will serve food pre-cooked on Earth that will be heated in microwave oven. The menu will be composed of various eclectic dishes including, veal cheeks with wild mushrooms, white bean puree, potato soup and plum compote. The state of the art Commercial Space Station will employ special air filtration process to remove the odor and bacteria and recirculate it to the cabins. The water aboard the space hotel will be recycled and the guests will even be able to enjoy ice tea, mineral water and fruit juices. However, unlike back here on Earth, the Space Hotel has strictly prohibited any and all consumption of alcohol. Though the Commercial Space Station sounds like an excellent idea, yet it would cost an individual quite a lot of money to go on such an ambitious trip. A five day stay at the Commercial Space Station will carry a price tag of $165,418, which be exclusive of the $827,091 price tag that comes with the ferrying of passengers aboard the Soyuz rockets.

Via Daily Mail

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