Space Wedding Rings Give Your Marriage The Sci-Fi Touch

Wedding rings are getting an out-of-the-world makeover. Forget that wedding at sea; space wedding merchandise are where it’s at! The recently concluded Dubai International Jewelry Week showcased two sets of rings – Space Rings and Space Wedding Rings – for the discerning (and wealthy) contemporary customer.

What is with the space connection? As it turns out, the gold used to craft these space rings has already been to outer space and back. If outer space seems fascinating to you and your sweetheart, these extraordinarily well traveled rings may be the perfect anniversary or wedding gift. The journey to outer space took place on 20 May 2011. The gold traveled to outer space in special packaging onboard a suborbital sounding rocket from Spaceport America. The space tryst lasted all of 15 minutes. Thereafter, the rocket returned to earth and the crafting of the rings began.

Did the trip to space have an effect on the gold? And therefore on the rings? There is no easy way of knowing. But we do know about the two types of space-traveled rings that wealthy buyers can buy. The space wedding rings are available in sets of two, featuring a ring each for the bride and groom. Each handcrafted wedding ring features an engraving of the production serial number. The price is steep, at $17,000 apiece. Thus, each set will cost a whopping $34,000. A less expensive option is the generalized space ring – a limited edition set of 50 rings that cost $12,000 apiece.

In addition to the ring, buyers will receive a USB pen drive documenting the details of the 20 May space flight. A certificate of authenticity will also be included.

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