Ferrari Owners can Participate in Pilota on Ice Driving Program at Aspen

The automobile industry is fast adapting to the changing scenario and things you could never imagine before are actually happening in reality. Could you ever imagine a Land Rover racing at Le Mans or Maserati developing a SUV? The very idea was absurd till sometime ago but you might soon be able to drive a SUV from Maserati. Similarly it would have been difficult to think of a four wheel drive Ferrari but it is a reality now. The new FF has the 4RM AWD system. However, one must admit that the new car despite its changed systems remains a pure sports car.

It is Ferrari’s endeavor to project its versatility to the car enthusiasts in America and for the purpose it has extended its Pilota on Ice driving program to the US. They have made few changes to the program and adapted it to the needs and preferences of the American market. The program aimed at the Ferrari owners in America will offer them an opportunity to experience a two-day driving course in Aspen, Colorado. There is a provision for the participants to bring along guests to the program. The unique program starts from January 2012.

Eight new Ferrari FF specially created for the purpose will demonstrate to the participants and their guests the dynamic abilities of Maranello’s newest V12 GT and it performs in treacherous conditions. Any Ferrari owner can participate on a payment of $11,399. They will be staying at the Nell Resort in Aspen during the program. There will be Champaign receptions at the resort and group lunches at the track. There’s also a photo package and event memorabilia. Guests of the participants will have to pay only $950 but they will not get to drive the Ferrari FF. However, they will be driven around by a professional driver to experience the thrilling ride.

Via: carscoop.blogspot

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