Luxury Cars Sell On EBay, Ferrari Fetches £70,000

Online shopping is truly coming of age. Books, apparel, cosmetics, accessories, gadgets and more have been doing well in the e-commerce space for a long time now. However, recent customers have gone beyond the traditional online buys and have begun purchasing luxury cars and holiday homes over the Internet as well. The mobile phone is playing a big role in the new online shopping trend.

eBay recently published data, which revealed that the most expensive transaction on the shopping site was the sale of a Ferrari F430 SpiderF. The luxury car fetched £70,000. Apart from the Ferrari tag, this headline-maker on eBay has much to recommend it. The convertible sports car, which went out of production in 2009, has a V8 4.3-liter petrol engine. The F430 SpiderF can reach speeds of up to 320 kmph and can go from 0 to 100 kmph in a matter of 4 seconds. What is incredible about this sale, however, is that the buyer did not think it necessary to check out the car in person before putting down the money. Moreover, it was bought via a mobile handset.

Physical presence has remained a constant when it comes to buying cars and property. However, the times are changing. An on-the-move customer lacks the time to physically inspect a luxury car. Shopping sites like eBay provide a convenient solution. According to the data released by eBay UK, an item is sold on the site every two seconds. In August 2011 alone, 2 million items were sold on the site.

The 26-30 age group may account for a fifth of eBay UK’s British buyers. But increasing numbers from the 50+ age group are joining the online shopping bandwagon. A month earlier, a Bentley Continental GTC Auto sold for £50,000. Other luxury cars like Land Rovers, Mercs and BMWs have also benefitted from the new shopping trend.

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