Escapod Brings you Various Options of Garden Rooms

Putting up a Pod in your garden gives you an easy option of a personalized space close to the nature. They are becoming popular around the world as they are flexible and aesthetically appealing. It saves you the hassle of hiring expensive commercial space and is flexible enough to be changed and modified according to your changing needs. Escapod is a new offering from Britain if you are looking for a garden room without going in for any permanent construction. Though all their models look similar on the outside, there are many variations and options for the interiors.

It can be used for various purposes. It could be used as a winter retreat, a personal gym, a play room for the kids or a music room. It can also be turned into a study or an office. The Escapod is designed to be useful and comfortable in any weather condition. Its floors, roof, walls and windows are all double insulated with 9mm solid plywood timber. It makes it easier to maintain a perfect temperature inside. It saves on the energy bills and also keeps the outside noise out.

The pods come with multiple electrical sockets so that you can use all your appliances and devises that need a power supply. It is also possible to screw things up on the wall like mirrors or a speaker. The pods come as a completely built unit. The installation procedure is very simple and quick. There is a Silicosan Flex coating on the outside of the pod that protects it in harsh weather conditions. The prices of the pods vary according to the interior option you prefer. It is best to check all the options offered by the company before deciding on the one that suits your needs the best.


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