Customizable Modular Garden Rooms From 3rd Space

A worldwide space crunch is compelling us to move towards modular spaces. Modular homes and office spaces are slowly coming up. And now, 3rd Space, a company in the United Kingdom has launched a range of modular garden rooms that can be fully customized to the user’s requirements.

3rd Space is a partnership between well-known architect Paul Grindley and project manager Ben Jardine. Both Grindley and Jardine are known for their professional expertise in creating eco-friendly, green spaces to suit nature lovers and provide a sustainable residential option. 3rd Space’s modular garden rooms are no different. These unique and stylish spaces offer a wide range of options to customers.

To begin with, customers can choose from a range of shapes. C-shaped and L-shaped garden rooms are the more basic options, but customers can also ask for bespoke shapes. There are several options in terms of the materials. Birch ply and Western Red Cedar are used in most of the regular modular garden rooms. But there are numerous other possibilities in terms of both material and type of finish.

The construction itself is carried out by a team of experts. The biggest selling point, of course, is that it modules can be tweaked in a variety of different ways with regard to views, sunlight, privacy and more. Extra bays can always be added. One of the big advantages is portability. Relocating a module is no trouble at all. As for the prices, it will all depend on your designs. The price for a 2.4m x 2.4m section starts from $22,400.

Via: Springwise

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