The Golden Atari 2600 Pays Tribute to the Machine that Created the Gaming World

Nostalgia is no more what it used to be. The thirty plus tech savvy people are all nostalgic about video gaming because they were kids when video gaming came into its own. They were the first to enjoy the thrill of gaming. Nothing that came after that ever matched that first sensation of thrill they got on their beloved Ataris. The Atari 2600 and its variations and improvements that followed it were truly ground breaking in the gaming world and set the standards for future developers.

Atari is almost history now. It is very difficult to find a unit that is still functional. And above all your memory also plays tricks with you. The machine actually looks more humble than you remember. But you have some grand memories of some great fun with the machine. And may be to commemorate that nostalgic feeling, Urchin Associates has taken a remarkable step that might stun the entire gaming world. They have decided to preserve this piece of computing history forever in 24 karat gold.

It is the most amazing Atari you have ever seen. It is out of this world and simply beautiful. It is not even important if it works or not. Even the cartridge is gold plated but seems to be removable. Most importantly the ports don’t seem to be plated so it is possible that the system works fine even after a comprehensive plating. The controllers might be a little less flexible because of the plating but might be good for a game. It is not clear if you can order one for purchase. But it is good enough to know that the golden Atari exists and makes you more nostalgic.

Via: techcrunch, technabob

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