The Elegant And Eco-Friendly Elysee Table Is Made Of Natural Marble

As more and more people get bitten by the “green” bug, it is understandable that furniture designers will work on creating eco-friendly furniture as well. Eco-friendly furnishings are all the rage these days. As a result, furniture shows and furnishings fairs are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly products. And the “Elysee” table is a case in point.

Created by DESIGN VENTURES, the Elysee table is a classic and elegant table that features natural marble finishing. The table was on display at The 36th WEDDEX KOREA 2011, a fair held in Ceox, Seoul between 15 July and 17 July. If you are planning to gift eco-friendly furnishings to newlywed friends or family members, the Elysee table is a wonderful gift. The white, romantic design is a fine addition to a traditional European style home. Elaborate marble pieces top this elegant dining table. Look closer and you cannot help admiring the mosaic on the top. Apparently, the coat of arms of a long-standing European family has inspired the design.

This elegant table may not be the best choice for a small home, or for one that has very modern furnishings. However, if you happen to have a large space, and would like a more traditional design to complement the architecture and other furnishings, the Elysee table is a great choice.

The table comes with matching white chairs, imported from Italy. These chairs are available in five different styles – Napoleon, Henderson, Cross Chair, French Chair, and Meyer Chair. The Elysee table may not be a great choice for compact, contemporary homes. But there are other eco-friendly furnishings as well. The eco-friendly lounge-wood notebook stand is a great example, and there are many others too.


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