Lounge-Wood Notebook Stand Is Elegant And Eco-Friendly

The backaches caused by long hours at the workplace could soon become a thing of the past. Companies from around the world have begun investing in comfortable workstations to better suit their tech-savvy employees. And we are no longer simply looking at ergonomic chairs and suitable desks. Many firms are now shifting gears from the traditional office workstation equipment and investing in laptop stands. Eco-friendly stands are an additional plus. High quality laptop stands can go a long way in ensuring better posture for the user. Take the instance of the newly released Lounge-wood notebook stand. At first glance, it gives the impression of some new-fangled artist’s easel. But really, this stand is designed for those of us who spend hour after hour at the computer.

Headaches, neck aches and eye problems are part and parcel of being at the computer screen for hours on end. Wrist pads, ergonomic keyboards and comfortable chairs only go so far. The Lounge-wood notebook stand seeks to eliminate many of our computer-related problems by taking us back to the old days of using a table to rest our notebooks.

Whether you have a laptop, an iPad or an e-book reader, the Lounge-wood stand provides just the right support. It has a base for your coffee mug or juice bottle as well. But apart from the basic functionality, this wood-and-steel Lounge-wood notebook stand is designed to fit in perfectly in any ambience, be it your home or your work space. And not only is it elegant, it is also eco-friendly. Buyers can choose from a range of three colors: wood, beige and black.

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