Scotland Gets its First Dog Day Care Centre, Safe Paws

Every dog has his day and for the dogs in the UK the time has come. They have never had it better. Lola just recently had the most lavish dog wedding ever. Despite stiff competition from the upcoming Royal Wedding the dog wedding was highlighted by the media the world over. Now the dogs in the UK have a 5 Star day care centre. Shirley MacMillan has set up Safe Paws where the dogs are cared for during the day in luxurious comfort while the owners are at work. It is different from a dogs hotel or a pet luxury hotel as it provides day care on a daily basis.

This is a first of its kind facility in the UK for pets care. Shirley says that she was inspired by s friend in the US who ran a successful doggy day care business. After working on the project for three years she was able to set up the facility at the Springkerse industrial estate in Stirling. The facility has heated TV room equipped with leather sofa and king size water bed. The dogs can relax in the TV room or enjoy the chill-out zone. For a lot of the owners their pets are the centre of their universe and their requirements are not limited to pets hotel but they want solutions for pet travel which has resulted in exclusive dogs airlines.

Safe Paws has had a very successful start and they already have 140 dogs on the waiting list. Shirley MacMillan is very excited by the success of her dream project which is unique in Scotland. It has motivated her to work harder to retain the goodwill she has generated through her project. She has installed interactive webcams so that owners can check up on their pets. She said that it has become a passion with her now and is determined to take it forward and make it grow into an even better facility for pets.

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