The Pooch Hotel, California, The Most Expensive Hotel For Your Pets

In recent times there has been a lot of action on the canine and feline luxury hotel front. We saw the launch of Alan Mower’s Victorian Mansion for dogs and more recently, the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel that offer some very exclusive services for the pets. Pooch Hotel in California now takes the comfort and luxury to a much higher level. The Pooch Hotel makes sure that the furry friends enjoy a grand holiday while you are away.

The Pooch Hotel is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and boasts of the most expensive rooms for dogs in the country including their “Palace Suites” which cost the dog owners $100 a night per pet. The next most expensive suite for a dog is offered by the Wag Hotels who charge $85 for a night in their Deluxe Luxury Suite. A couple who left their three dogs in the Palace suite paid $4,000, at the end of a 17 day stay, very happily as it bought them the peace of mind.

The webcams in the luxury suits allows the owners to keep a tab on their pets through a smart phone or a PC. The other luxurious amenities include limo service, pool, treadmill and various therapies. The Pooch Hotel is doing so well that there are plans in place to expand it from 69 to 133 rooms and add on more of Palace as well as Presidential Suites.

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