A Few Pointers For Luxury Brands To Ensure Their Resurgence

World over, economic analysts are telling us about the emergence of the world economy from the ashes. This growth is supposed to move on slowly for the coming years, unless there is some sudden spurt or sudden fall. Similar trend has been seen in the field of luxury brands as well. To make sure that they continue to make this recovery, some pointers have been enumerated by the Luxury Institute: Firstly, the Luxury Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs to replace Operational Customer Relationship Management. This would involve delivery of personalized and extraordinary customer experiences at stores and call centers.

Secondly, companies should focus on brand and service value. Brands must create their identities by the name, personality and style of the founder, and also through values by which they should be known and publicly judged. Thirdly, these companies should remove those staff members that present a very arrogant and out-of-touch attitude. This does not bode well with consumers. Fourthly, we must move ahead with times and the current times require us to be internet savvy. The company websites should be up to date and internet marketing should be taken seriously.

Fifth, is to make sure that the sales professionals create a regular contact with the consumers. Sixth, Mobile marketing also becomes very important nowadays. And lastly, equip your sales professionals with mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones in its stores to collect datas etc.

Via: MarketWire

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