The Green Diamond: Avadesign’s Luxury Yacht For the Nautical Crew

The challenge is taken and Avadesign just revealed the 70-meter luxury yacht, the New Diamond which will revolutionize the maritime world with its ‘go green’ impressions. The superlative relaxation naval artistic to scientific infrastructures was designed and modeled by Andrea Vastano who wants to impress with its well-built and outstanding exterior lines with an eco-friendly conception. The main achievement is clearly to go green and the New Diamond superyacht would be built of aluminum. There are four decks integrating which emphasize on low fuel consumption and extremely small release expertise.

It is also well equipped with hybrid propulsion system with two diesel and two electric engines attached with gas turbines which the go-green New Diamond can easily cruise with respect to not just the environment but as well with its energy usage and economic savings. The superyacht will have low fuel consumption and low emissions making it suitable for long ocean crossings.

There is a large and transparent LCD hatch composed of a thick resin creating a frosted glass affect which can easily accommodate when required the beach area on the lower deck. That will also protect the swimming pool area whilst allowing light in which has been amazingly well thought and well designed.

Vastano didn’t stop there, for the last final touch of luxury a waterfall, a Jacuzzi to a swimming pool on the lower deck has been added as another element. Inside hides the beach club area and the interior shelters an amazing American-style bar along with a sauna and a dive room. And not to forget the cinema room which can accommodate guests in cabins both stairs and a lift.

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