Pullman Paris Bercy’s Hotel Room Of The Future

When it comes to living the good life, the rich are the ultimate at it. Pullman Paris Bercy’s hotel room is furnished with and reeks of such uber luxury that even a seemingly rich person would be cautious about stepping in.

Pullman Paris Bercy’s hotel room is what Diana Plater describes as the hotel room of the future. The enormity of the luxury within is physically palpable before you even enter the room for access to the front door is done via a mobile phone. This is done with a special technology currently available only on Samsung phones, though the service would be available on other phone within three years, according to Accor Hotels. Once inside, one may lose himself at the sight of the 1.2m thin television that seems to hang midair and provides you with perfect visual plus 5.1 surround sound.

Designed by Natacha Froger, the Pullman Paris Bercy’s room is still at the conceptual stage. Other rich frivolities available in the room are a Bartech ice cube bar with Nespresso machine. Le Corbusier style desk, oversized shower with adjustable spray and lighting, and technical add-ons heighten the extravagance. A touch sensitive remote would also control everything within the room.


Via: SMH

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