Funky Baby Car Seats Beome A Reality

Buying car seats for kids was never a fun thing to do. After all, don’t all available designs and patterns look the same. You don’t really make a choice but pick anyone at the supermarket because it does not make a difference. Agreed, there might be some extra safety features sometimes but it is very likely that you will end up with a pastel car seat that probably features Winnie the Pooh or some Disney princess and is owned by hundred other parents.

Boy, quite an unfair shopping spree this one is! See, your kid rarely has a say. He/she is busy pooping and dozing to actually pay attention to the seat he/she is in. So, the choice is really yours, and wouldn’t you want to pick an exciting addition for your cool car?

Looks like your secret prayer mumblings have been answered. We have found a designer who has decided to create a car seat inspired by racing gear. Our best wishes for Rory Craig who will be sending his design idea to Sparco Motor Sports. Now, this is a brand known for its racing inspired seats and safety harnesses. But thanks to Craig, they might start doing the same for kids too. The body of the concept seat will be made of carbon fiber, which means it will be lightweight and strong. The developing cost of the seat is somewhere around $4,000. Let’s see how they actually price it for retail.

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