M400 Skycar Offers a Flight to Moon!

Sky cars…Flying cars…and other such futuristic automobiles is a reason enough for us to appreciate the hard efforts made by design firms. After featuring the Pal-V Flying Car that looked more like a motorbike; the M400 Skycar concept from Moller is a four-seat flying car that is all set to ride on skies within three years time from now. The company claims that the M400 Skycar is the first viable, budgeted vertical take off and landing vehicle. It shuns your worry of cursing the traffic light that turns red every second you reach near it as there is not even a remote possibility of someone coming from the opposite direction.

The M400 Skycar engine is accessible and adaptable enough to burn an extensive array of fuels i.e. diesel to natural gas, allowing you refuel it irrespective of your location. Whilst running on normal petrol, the coupe can ride over 20 mpg, adequate to park your car and drive it to and from your start-up point but once in air is able to speed up to three times faster than any light airplane.

It also features a storage space inside the cabin for your grocery stuff. It is being said that it would hit the market at an anticipated price of £250,000 but if a measured demand is witnessed leading to mass production then it would cost £30,000- £40,000.

M400 Skycar

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