Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields Cost $34 million: Most Expensive Painting

Fields worth $34 million must be eyeing filthy-rich farmers. But are there any? Pinch yourself folks as the much-talked about ‘Fields’ these days is not a barren agricultural land but a fertile painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

The Dutch artist completed this masterpiece on 10 July 1890, only 19 days before he died. And today the value of his art is appreciable and is all set to be the one of the most expensive paintings till date.

The masterpiece portrays dim sky over a quiet rustic idyll, dangled in his room as he was taking last breaths after shooting himself. The illustration clearly draws a grey line of separation between Gogh’s inner mayhem and optimism and merriment of life that is embedded in his work. The painting will be displayed at Sotheby’s in London on 7 October and is expected to fetch $34 million at an auction scheduled in New York in November.


Van Gogh’s The Fields

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