World’s Fastest Limousine is Longest Ferrari: Guinness Book of World Records

My buddy approached me and said he is planning to buy a 23 feet long Ferrari. I made the pun of his plans by saying it must be a long laminated painting. But who knew I will become the butt of my own “witticism”.

Yah! He was talking about the 23 feet long roadster with 3.6 liter V8, 400bhp that is expected to hit the UK market this month at the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show. The formation and the production of this peerless limo is done by limo boss Dan Cowley; who is the blessed owner of the astounding ten-wheeled Terminator (Europe’s longest stretch Hummer).

The huge Ferrari limo is designed from a Ferrari 360 Modena chopped in half and prolonged by 9.5ft with a segment of carbon fiber that is hand-built. It can accommodate eight people and speeds with 0 to 60mph in less than six seconds with a top race of 170mph.

The inside of the Ferrari is no less than a five-star deluxe hotel. It features a 10-inch flat screen monitor that can broadcast images from cameras located on the exteriors. To make you feel at home, the Ferrari also comes packed with a six speaker surround sound system and DVD system fitted inside it.

Breaking the Guinness records of “The fastest Limousine and the Longest Ferrari,” this elite Ferrari is fabricated at an expenditure of £200,000.

Ferrari, with a long standing legacy of outstanding high performance cars had introduced the Ferrari 360 Modena in the year 1999 and the car was itself named after Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari. The all new Ferrari limousine from Dan Cowley has not only made this model stand out once again in the plethora of super cars, but this heavily modified Ferrari has also been retained with all its original performance specifications. With an incredible acceleration of 0 to 60mph in less than six seconds, the world’s fastest limousine is sure to set the roads on fire. At the 2007 Limo Show in Birmingham, U.K, apart from this world’s longest Ferrari, the event will also be showcasing some of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring limousine models such as the 39-and-a-half feet long, Terminator, a Hummer converted into a limo, that is also being hailed as Europe’s biggest stretch Hummer.



World's Fastest Limousine is Longest Ferrari: Guinness Book of World Records



The Ferrari 360 Modena is fabricated from an new all-aluminum space-frame chassis that was designed and developed by Ferrari in collaboration with Alcoa, that provided the 360 Modena with enhanced sturdiness of up to 40% more than that of Ferrari F355. As  the Ferrari 360 series was introduced to be an iconic model for the legendary Italian auto manufacturer, hence the company chose to introduce five variants of the 360 type, such as 360 Modena, F1 360 Spider and F1 Challenge Stradale that were all street legal models. The final model in the 360 series, Ferrari 360 Barchetta was designed especially as a wedding present for Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo.

World's Fastest Limousine is Longest Ferrari: Guinness Book of World Records


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