World’s Most Expensive Gun Shoots Perfume, Costs $108k

The world is full of strange and unique things. Knowing that there is a gun that doesn’t shoot bullets is no longer a surprise. Yep! There is a strange gun that you can use to shoot someone, just don’t expect them to die. This gun shoots perfume instead of bullets. It is a one-of-a-kind pistol and can be the perfect and funniest romantic gift to give your better half. So, if you are looking for a silly gift or something unique and amazing, this is your lucky day.

A new unique gun is now available on the market. The pistol is unlike other guns as this one doesn’t’ shoot bullets. You see! The manufacturer of the unique pistol thought it would be a good idea to make a gun that doesn’t shoot bullets. This idea sounds bad but not if you designed the gun to spray perfume. You read it right! The pistol is a take on James Bond’s Goldfinger and is purposely designed to make your loved one smells good. Weighing an estimated 2.015 lbs (914 gm)., the pistol is made of 24-carat gold.

This unique perfume canister is assembled. When you buy one, expect to get a steel gold pin, a steel lock pit set and some plastic parts that ensure the efficiency of the device. It also comes with a ratchet and a gold trigger, but if you want a smoother movement then it is best to opt for its steel counterparts. By the way, customers can also choose the perfume to put in the canister. You can have your favorite perfume put inside, whatever scent is fine.

So, what is the cost of this amazing gun cum perfume spray? Well, you can purchase this pistol for $108,230. The cost of this gun is not a joke, no wonder it been touted as the world’s most expensive gun. Come to think of it! This is really a perfume, so you can also call it one of the most expensive scent. Whether you consider it a gun or perfume, doesn’t really matter for this device is a gift of a lifetime. It is a gift or souvenir that no one can easily forget regardless if the receiver is a gun enthusiast or not. If nothing, you can purchase this gun yourself to have something unique that could also make you feel and smell good.

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