Bentley Introduced Top of the Line Golf Clubs

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name, Bentley? Is it, expensive or elegant? Both best describes Bentley, as the name is synonymous with world-class and elegance. Bentley is well-known for producing high-performance cars that are also top notch and expensive. But, this time, Bentley’s latest offering is not an expensive car but the product still in line with their high-end lifestyle brand.

The luxurious carmaker latest offering is completely unrelated to the automobile industry. Recently, they introduced to the market top-of-the-line golf clubs and like all its cars, the golf clubs aren’t cheap. In fact, the price of an 8 set golf clubs is $3,500 while a complete set of 10 clubs costs somewhere about $5,000. What’s more, Bentley’s driver is sold for $750 and the flat stick costs $500.


But that’s not all since we are talking about a company that produces and market the best for a price. Bentley didn’t just released top-of-the-line golf clubs but also custom clubs. They entered the equipment market to give golfers not just expensive clubs but also uniqueness. With their customization options, golf enthusiasts can now own golf clubs that are built just for them. For golfers with money to spend, they offer custom shafts from a company called Seven Dreamers. This company specializes in high-end materials for golf shafts. And the most expensive made with materials found in the satellite, so it is not surprising that the material comes with a mind-blowing price tag of $120,000.

Seven Dreamers most expensive material is priced outrageously but the shaft created specifically for you. Unlike a typical club-fitting, golfer’s swing is just matched to an available shaft on the market while custom shafts are based on the golfer’s data.

Anyway, Bentley’s sticks maybe expensive but they are banking on their customer’s affinity to the brand to the course. So, the equipment industry should prepare for a war as Bentley Motors an outsider is bringing elegance to golf. Also, check Bentley Mulliner TourbillonSpring Summer 2015 Collection, Shampoo Men Azure.

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