Bentley Unveils Spring Summer 2015 Collection of Jackets, Scarves and Handbags at Geneva Motor Show

Bentley stands for both luxury and style and it is not restricted to only cars. Their Spring and Summer line of apparel and accessories is out and it has enhanced the brands style quotient for sure. The luxurious and stylish collection consists of a range of leather jackets as well as scarves and handbags for women. The collection was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. It surely gave the visitors at the show something more than cars to talk about. The leather jackets for women have been made in two shades like Red and Dark Sand. The jackets have quilted interior lining and polka dot trims which seem to be inspired by the legendary Bentley Boy Tim Birkin’s scarves.

Leather Jacket from Bentley Collection
The jackets for women feature a fold over collar and zips at the wrists. The jackets for men have been made out of navy leather. They have been made in a fully reversible design. When reversed they are transformed into a sporting down jacket. Its water resistant cotton even protects the wearer from a light shower. The best of lambskin have been used to craft each jacket. Bentley’s iconic winged B logo is embossed on the back of the neck of each jacket. The jacket for men are a little more expensive at $5,395 whereas the jacket for women cost only $4,780.

Scarves from Bentley Collection

The cashmere scarves in Bentley’s new collection come in two variations, dip-dyed cashmere stoles and damier squares. The scarves are finished in pretty pastel colors that make them ideal for the spring weather. The best cashmere has been sourced from Inner Mongolia for the soft scarves. The dip dyed stoles are inexpensive at $154 a piece where as the damier squares are priced at $232 apiece. The Continental handbag and the Barnato handbag complete the collection. Both the designs are available in a wide array of colors. The Continental handbag gets its name from the iconic Bentley GT while the Barnato handbag has been named after Diana Barnato daughter of Woolf Barnato, former Bentley chairman. The bags have been priced at $5,500 and $7,000 respectively.

Handbag from Bentley Collection

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