Safretti Unveils Their Latest Fireplace Vertigo Designed by Porsche Design Studio

The traditional fireplace has been a source of warmth and comfort and a must in older homes. Modern homes find it difficult to fit it into the contemporary décor. Safretti, the Dutch company specializing in fireplaces has transformed it into a modern fixture and developed a technology that is environmentally friendly. They innovate regularly and come up with exciting designs. Safretti fireplaces have adapted to the requirements of a modern home. Their latest offering is a result of a collaboration with Porsche Design Studio. The fire place designed by them is called Vertigo and is expectedly very sleek and modern. The Porsche Design Studio has brought in their flair to a traditional product like a fireplace and made it an exclusive and luxurious product.

Safretti’s Safe Burning Technology LUN Developed Over Two Years

Safretti and their team of research and development engineers had worked extensively in the field over two years and developed a safe burning technology which they have named ‘LUN’. They have patented the safe burning system and have incorporated it in their latest design Vertigo. The advanced burning system is internationally approved and meets the highest security standards. The system comprises of a closed independent tank for fuel which ensures that it cannot be topped up while the fireplace is burning. The prototype of the new design was unveiled for the industry and the public at large earlier this year. However the product has not become available for sale as yet.

Safretti's Vertigo Fireplace

Vertigo Will Be Produced Completely in Holland

The new fireplace is being produced completely in Safretti facilities in Holland. The exclusive offering from Safretti is expected to compete with other high end products like the Wodtke Gold Fireplace, the Speak Fireplace with integrated Biocamino and the Green firplaces by Acquaefuoco. The new Vertigo has gone into production and the first batch is expected to become available to Safretti partners inside and outside of Netherlands in the beginning of March. The Vertigo Fireplace is an exclusive design by one of the premium design agency and hence carries a rather heavy price tag. The fireplace has been priced at $5,090 but it is not much of a price to keep your modern home warm and comfortable.

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