Safretti Fireplace Gives You the Warmth of Real Fire Without the Need for a Chimney

There are many options for heating available if you live in a cold country. But there is nothing to beat fire to generate warmth in your life when the climate is cold and freezing. But the reverse of the saying “There is no smoke without a fire” is also true. If there is fire, there will be smoke and if you use fire indoors for heating you will have to make arrangement for chimney. Bio ethanol-fueled fireplaces have become popular as an alternative.

These fireplaces called Safretti, have been popular in Europe for some time now and are getting high level of acceptance of home décor in the US. They have a clear advantage as they combine the warmth of fire with modern design. It has the mesmerizing impact of a real fireplace without the need of chimney and can be placed anywhere to suit the need of the interior design and convenience.

The open fire in this one of a kind fireplace is created by using a potato infused bio alcohol. The fireplace is certified for fire safety by official institutes and government bodies. The product is environmentally friendly and materials used are sustainable. Safretti has collaborated with leading designers like Roderick Vos to produce their version of the fireplace. Recently they have collaborated with the Porsche Design Studio to come up with the table top fireplace model called Tekto that can give your living room a warm and modern feel.


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