Green Fireplaces by Acquaefuoco Add Warmth to Living Spaces

There are countless and diverse options in the charming world of bio-ethanol fireplaces designed by Acquaefuoco. The innovative designs are decor for the winter season offering cosy atmosphere. You could have them in minimalist setup. It will fit anywhere and any house; again you don’t need chimney with firewood. It will burn at a stretch for twenty hours with low consumption of fuel.

The stunning collection of modern fireplaces has been created by the Italian manufacturer, Acquaefuoco. The brand’s vision is to create products with contradictory elements like fire and water which complementary factors in nature to provide a wellbeing and relaxation atmosphere. The design brings elegance to work place or home. The open fire with bio ethanol is both eco and green friendly. You don’t get fumes except just traditional warmth of fireplace which can be used in outdoor or indoor settings. It is one of its kinds without any other parallels on the market.

It could be used in establishments, spas and hotels. The products set a new standard with easy functioning and design. If you are in the interest of your family, choose acquaefuoco gas fireplace for the safety, reliability, design and quality. Enjoy bio-fireplaces with its flickering flame without needing installation of any structure or chimney for the fuel supply. You appreciate the clean burning without maintenance. The bio alcohol uses oxygen for the combustion to produce low level of carbon dioxide, water vapour and heat. The manufacturing company offers many creations ranging from floor standing, wall mounting, and shelves that hold the small fireplaces etc. They come in range of colours blending your decor. The Apollo Fireplace is priced at $3,460 and the Big Flame Fireplace is priced at $2,600.

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  • They look lovely unfortunately because of the open/exposed flame they will be banned in several countries on safety grounds. Can you imagine small children in a room with that red example.

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