Wendy Brandes has Become a Unique Jewelry Brand

Wendy Brandes has grown to become a unique luxury jewelry brand. The first thing she designed was her own engagement ring and wedding band way back in 2001. It excited her and she took it up professionally in 2005. Her previous experience in media and marketing with important publications like Wall Street Journal, CNN and People.com gave her a great insight into fashion trends and it has helped her create a range of fine jewelry. Her editorial experience is also come in handy when she launched her blog Wendy Brandes Jewelry in 2007. She has not limited herself to writing only about jewelry but picks up anything that strikes her fancy.

Her Letter Rings Got her Noticed First Time

It is evident that she made the right career switch by entering the jewelry industry. She is obviously passionate about it and has been doing rather well. She won Fashion Group International’s Rising Star award for fine jewelry just this year and she seems to be on course for many more awards and honor in the future. Her first designs that were noticed and appreciated were the letter rings. The OMG, YOLO, and LOL rings got her connected to the pop culture and helped her create her own space in the industry and establish her own jewelry brand. She has been coming out with new collections regularly since then and now boasts of a growing base of admirers because of her capability to come up with the unexpected.

She Can Incorporate Anything into Her Designs

Wendy is known for making unique pieces. She has categorized her collections on the basis of their inspiration. Royalty, noble women, and nature are categories that are positioned on higher price points. The jewelry inspired by the pop culture is relatively inexpensive depending on the materials used. Her jewelry are normally crafted out of 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, platinum, and mixed metals. She uses colored stones, diamonds, and pearls on her pieces to express her vision. She has made jewelry that opens up, twists into new shapes and even whistles. Her hefty rings and shoulder-brushing earrings have become popular. Her designs have been appreciated for their attention to detail and for incorporating almost anything into her designs. For Wendy anything is possible.

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