High Jewellery ‘Imaginary Nature’ Collection unveiled by De Beers

De Beers has released its latest line of jewelry which has been titled ‘Imaginary Nature’. Nature and natural world gets beautifully represented in this line of jewellery by the diamond giant, De Beers. Fluidity and movement, two very integral aspects of nature get reflected in the Imaginary Nature collection of De Beers jewels. If luxury jewellery is your style and if diamonds are more than just your best friends and have a look at the De Beers Imaginary Nature collection and find yourself immersed in the true spirits of nature.

The De Beers Imaginary Nature Collection

Hollie Bonneville-Barden brings to us the fine designs of the Imaginary Nature collection believes that the eight jewels used in the collections have been inspired by the many themes of nature, such as constant change and rhythms. Movement and fluidity get represented through the baguettes and pear shaped stones. Hollie Bonneville-Barden together designed the collection with Rapahele Canot.

Nature and Diamonds

The focus of this collection is not only on nature but also the very character of the diamond, which ultimately speak of the varied changes we witness in nature. So how is it that they have managed to encapsulate nature in this collection? Feathers of a bird or waves of the seas have been gently represented by a gentle curve in the Imaginary Nature earrings. The ring has also been set with a 4.11 carat diamond that looks like a bird about to take off! A pear shaped brooch with a 16.38 carat diamond gives you the feel of a leaf twisting and dancing to the tunes of the wind. By launching this collection diamond giant De Beers wished to unveil to the world their vision believes Francois Delage, the Chief Executive Officer of De Beers.

The prices of the Imaginary Nature collection are jaw dropping for sure. A pair of earrings with 5 carat diamonds comes with a staggering price tag of 2, 69,500 Euros and 4, 485, 00 Euros for a brooch. It will cost you $331,485 and $5,516,550 for the earrings and the brooch respectively.

About De Beers

Founded by Cecil Rhodes, De Beers has created a monopoly over diamond jewellery and is the most preferred amongst the elite and celebrities as well. They are also known around the world for creating the most fascinating engagement rings which exude radiance and are known for their sparkling brilliance and lustrous nature. Some of their creations include the Diamonds of Character, the Talisman Collection, the Enchanted Lotus and the Reverie Collection. For years, De Beers and its collection of luxury jewellery has enthralled us all with its brilliant designs and radiant diamonds. The Imaginary Nature collection is also one of its kinds and tells us the very story of the nature around us with stones and diamonds.

Well, if you are rich and loaded then do adorn yourself with the many shades of nature which get reflected through some fine jewels and uber expensive diamonds. Get immersed in the Imaginary Nature by De Beers!


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