Faru Faru Luxury Villa Costs $4,730 per night and is the World’s Best Hotel

Find solitude in the wild at the Singita Faru Faru Lodge, which is also the best hotel in the world. It is a safari camp which actually redefines luxury. For all those who seek some adventure but also cannot give up on the luxury, Singita Faru Faru is the place for you. Located in the United Republic of Tanzania at the Serengeti National Park, this is a place where you can ease off and relax in the wilderness and beauty that is Africa. The lodge seeks inspiration from a botanical theme and is located on a slope. The lodge is situated just above a watering hole which gets represented in the form of a swimming pool, thus giving its guests an opportunity to enjoy the game without leaving the rustic but uber luxurious environs of the lodge. Africa has always been loved by the discerning traveller for its wild and breathtaking beauty. It is the hub of safari camps and the Singita game reserves have been welcoming travellers and guests from across the world to give them a glimpse of this very intriguing continent. Luxury in the hospitality world has undergone a paradigm shift and we are witnessing somewhat of a revolution in this sector. Just about everyone is vying for some luxurious pampering and want to ease off and relax at the finest hotels.

However, at the Singita Faru Faru not only can you avail state of the art amenities but also slip into the wild but exotic side of Africa.

Here’s presenting the Faru Faru Lodge.

The Singita Faru Faru, Tanzania

Rooms in Tents and Villas: $850 per person, per night

Private Lodges and Villas: $ 4730 per night

Located on a migratory route, at the Fara Fara you can witness innumerable wild animals en route to their new homes, completely oblivious of your presence. Usually at some safari camps you spend days and nights looking for animals but at the Fara Fara they find you while you are relaxing in your villas which have comfortable furnishings and are a contrast of stone and canvas.

The lodge was given a rating of 98.24 out of 100 by the Travel + Leisure.

The resort is magnificent and can provide accommodation upto 22 people at one time.

There are eight villa suites and one regular suite.

The swimming pool at the Faru Faru lodge are located right above a swimming pool which is actually a water hole.

The suites are air conditioned and have a bath and outdoor shower.

The suites have everything from a reading room to a fridge and a personal bar as well as a deck where there’s some scope for Swarovski spotting.

It is the Luxury Villa that will take your breath away.

Ease off and relax in your rooms as the sun sets in the glorious land of the wild.

Get a feel of a safari camp because there’s plenty of private outdoor area available.

If you wish to spend a night in a tent then the Sabora tented camp is simply perfect.

Your exercising will not suffer a setback for the lodge also offers gyming facilities.

Have a romantic interlude at the plains lit up with only lamps.

At the Faru Faru wilderness finds you!

Is this really a bathroom in a tent?

Revisit Colonial times at the Sasakwa lodge which looks like an English Manor.

A bathroom with a view.

For a cosy night in the African wilderness.

What a beautiful bed we say!

A sitting area in the greens.

An infinity edge pool adorns every cottage.

For some fancy and sophisticated meals.

A splendid view and don’t miss the room.

The lodge also offers facilities such as a spa and a gym along with some sporting activities such as archery and games are galore.

Elephants sightings at the resort.

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Via Singita 


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