Daily Mail Travel Editor’s rendezvous at the Bulgari

We report on luxury hotels and how they are bestowed with everything from style, elegance, opulence and extravagance. For most of us they may be the ultimate destination to indulge in comfort and blissfulness. However, some of us who do not get a chance to get a taste of this maddening luxuriousness always rely on newspaper or magazine reviews of people who have actually spend some time in these luxury hotels. Their detailed reviews give us a glimpse of not only what’s it like to be in these luxury hotels but also if these high end are actually epitomes of luxury as they claim to be or they are nothing but an exaggerated imagination!

The Bulgari luxury hotel in London recently came under the scanner. Daily Mail travel editor, Mark Palmer, spend a night at the hotel. Slated to be most expensive hotel in Knightsbridge the Bulgari offers everything that a luxury hotel should. An expensive and fancy décor, a fine dining place, a luxurious spa and some very extravagant suites are what the hotel offers to its guests.

However, as they say  everything is not what it seems. The Bulgari hotel which almost looked like a lap of luxury perhaps does not live up to the hype that it created if you were to go by Mark Palmer’s review which appeared in the Daily Mail. The travel editor had a not so very good encounter at the Bulgari hotel, counted as the most expensive luxury hotel in London. Located in Knightsbridge, London’s plushest locale, the Bulgari luxury hotel is also situated in Milan and Tokyo.

So, how has this luxury hotel not lived up to the mark. Let’s give you a glimpse of Mark Palmer’s stay at the hotel with his wife.

Bulgari Hotel: Luxury for Real?

It was perhaps the blatant display of wealth that failed to impress the travel editor. He noticed that the hotel is expensive indeed with wine bottles costing a whopping £280 and the least expensive rooms available in the luxury hotel for £850, when other luxury hotels like the Savoy and the Ritz offer rooms at much reasonable prices.

The writer also claimed that one has to be as rich as the owner of the hotel, Bernard Arnault who is worth £26 billion, for it is only then can you afford the maddeningly expensive hotel rooms and the fancy wines! It was also the glorified show off by some of the guests at the hotel which  Mark has mentioned in the Daily Mail review. The dining place, which we thought might impress the guests with its sumptuous meals, excellent service and beautiful décor, ended not with a bang but with a whimper.

The dinning place claims Mark has no view except some blondes walking around and one would have to wait for sometime before they get their super expensive meals, and by super expensive he means anchovy salad starts that cost £14. And a reservation before 7.45 means that you will have to leave in two hours, despite paying through your nose for a not so very good meal, a not so very good view. All the money at the restaurant is perhaps spend looking at people busy texting and showing off their I Phones and Blackberry’s, believes Mark Palmer.

The interiors of the hotel also failed to impress the travel editor and the lobbies he claims are mere lookalikes of Bulgari stores. You also have to pay a heavy price for relaxing at the Spa for the muscle relaxer treatment will cost you a whopping £220. Some of the rooms offer you a view of a mansion block and you might just wonder why would you pay so much for a view like that. However, the writer did find the rooms comfortable. Mark Palmer’s stay at the Bulgari luxury hotel ended with a £1,100 bill, quite an amount for a night stay, a not so very wholesome meal, some cocktails and coffee. And of course there are the extra service and VAT charges.

Mark Plamer did not have quite a memorable stay at the luxury hotel we say. So after his experience would you also like to go ahead with your bookings or refrain from this rather ridiculous splash of wealth?


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