Ferrari All Set To Introduce A Near To Life Ferrari F1 Simulator

Ferrari, a name that is revered cross the planet for its long standing history in the field of extremely elegant sports cars, is now back in the spotlight for a wonderful new reason. Italy based Ferrari, which is also considered to be the holy grail of the motoring world has announced the availability of an all new state of the art Ferrari F1 simulator. This out of this world simulator will provide the users with a near to life Formula One driving experience, including the massive adrenaline rush as well as the G-forces felt at the extreme turns taken in an F1 car. As of now this one of a kind Ferrari F1 simulator has been made to order by the fashion icon, Ralph Lauren, as well as the lead singer of Jamiroquai, Jay Kay, this magnificent system as unveiled in Monza, Italy.

The Ferrari F1 Simulator is largely being categorized as a training system and is compared to the one similar Ferrari simulator, which is owned and operated by Shell and will soon be taken out on a world tour. The Shell Ferrari simulator is also largely used at the Ferrari Driving Academy, to provide the necessary skills to drivers in order to help them better handle the remarkable Ferrari machines.

The F1 simulator is composed of as cutting edge F1 ECU, while the simulator even features a full Ferrari F1 monocoque,  that is comprised of a steering wheel, quite like the Ferrari steering wheel replica and even comes with pedals for acceleration and braking. This incredible system has been incorporated with mini-accentuators that provide a realistic driving experience. However, the Ferrari F1 simulator is not available for everyone, as this wonderful machines carries a price tag of $400,000 and the buyer needs to be a Ferraro owner to buy this system.

Via James Allen On F1

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