Ferrari 150 Degree Steering Wheel Replica is the Most Advanced Gaming Equipment

Technological advances in the recent years have brought gaming close to a real life experience and have turned it not only into a big but serious business. It is not just a leisure activity any more. You have number of professional gamers now who regularly participate in different championships and need equipment with the latest technology to improve their performance. You might be familiar with Armaroli FA5 simulator which is so close to an F1 race that it is as good as the real thing. We now have another piece of equipment that is equally close to the real thing, the Ferrari 150 degree steering wheel.

The Ferrari 150 degree steering wheel replica boasts of all the features required for some serious gaming. It will also be a very attractive proposition for F1 fans who love to collect memorabilia connected to the franchise. It is a true replica of the steering wheel used in Formula 1 racing cars. The steering wheel has been loaded with fully functional switches, buttons and paddles on its genuine carbon fiber body.

Weighing a substantial 14.5kgs the steering wheel is compatible with most advanced gaming systems. The wheel comes with a red leather base also has a transparent dust cover that keeps the sensitive equipment free of any dust or other foreign matter. Like most other exclusive creations the steering wheel will have a limited edition production of only 250 pieces. Each individual piece will be made to order and will require a lead time of 30 days. The advanced piece of gaming equipment comes accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and the unique numbered plaque on the base. The steering wheel can be ordered for a price of $2,246.

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