Ferrari F1 Racing Car Simulator for Speed Enthusiasts

With ten linked computers, 60 GB of RAM, five giant 3D video screens, a 3500 watt Dolby sound system and a weight of 200 tonnes, you could be sure that we are talking about some kind of beast.

The beast in question is a simulator that brings back the importance and excitement of riding an F1. The coolest part is that the simulator has been built by Ferrari, the grandmasters of Formula One. It is built so that the drivers of new F1 cars know how to drive responsibly and to know the rules and limitations of racing cars, if they ever attempt to drive one of those beasts.

It would interesting how the simulator would actually be used, and now that it is pretty clear that the simulator would be used for technical, developmental and training purposes rather than for entertainment, we may be able to see a cool simulator for those of us would just like to know what it feels like to be in a arcing car and drive at 200mph. I would love to get this for myself, but I am afraid it may not be available for commercial purposes.

Via: Gizmag

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