Live Out Your Biggest Mountain Adventure In An Eco-Friendly Pod

Pods are quickly becoming the coolest way to live. We have seen the Ovei pod, pod hotels, and even a relaxation pod. But the Living Ecological Alpine Pod, or LEAP, is something else altogether. Designed by Italian firm LEAPfactory, these pods are a dream come true for adventure junkies.

A Mobile Mountain Home

Think of it as a mobile mountain hotel that targets trekkers and mountaineers. The LEAP pod is built off-site. Later, it is airlifted and placed on an alpine summit of the traveler’s choice. It has all the high-tech features that a traveler might require. And when you are ready to leave, the helicopter will return and carry away the pod. LEAP is ecologically inclined, so there should be no permanent impact on the environment either. In fact, LEAP is said to be more eco-friendly than most traditional mountain shelters. The pod is also far more durable, and better suited to deal with mechanical and atmospheric stress.

Look Inside Before You LEAP

The LEAP interiors provide great thermal insulation from the bitter mountain cold. Additionally, LEAPfactory paid attention to creating a hygienic, safe and fire-resistant home. You enter through a thermally isolated inner door, which is flanked by a storage or drying rack and a compartment containing rescue equipment. Next, we move to the kitchen unit, which features a pantry and an electric induction cooker. Third is the sleeping unit, which offers flexible bunks based on the number of guests. Finally, the fourth unit is the living room, which offers panoramic views of the rugged landscape.

The pod harnesses solar energy for its power needs. The biological toilet disposes of sewage without harming the environment. The pod also remains connected to rescue headquarters at all times. Prices are yet to be revealed.

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