Wasserbetten Unveils a Pod for Relaxation, Does a Luxe Job at It

There are countless methods of massages for relaxation; you might not remember all of them. But Concoon is totally a  new concept  for rejuvenation. The wellness Concoon is spa furniture with effectively interact with our mood to soothe and pamper our body and replenish our spirit. The furniture by Wasserbetten designed reminds you of an egg, shell of pearl, cocoon of silkworm, an eye popping shape,  catches your eye which gives you protection from the daily hustle and bustle of the outside world as a womb representing new life, new being, which would try  to appear in the world.

Developed and designed by ITW concoon’s outer shell is made of glass fibre reinforced by plastic with stainless steel base. German Company called Wasserbetten collaborated with a design studio Liebmann, to develop the light weight and sturdy furniture.

The lightweight elegant design inside gives you total seclusion, as if you are floating in the space. The spa furniture consists of built in water based mattress, which is of top quality materials with stylish fineness, has been placed.  Warmth promotes   relaxation inside the pod. By unique soothing sound system complete relaxation is achieved. If the cocoon is closed, you will be taken to different world. The gentle light will start working on your inner membranes rejuvenating with therapeutic effect. These spa chairs are being used by more than 550 hotels and spas across the world. The furniture spa is obtainable in white .the outer shell can be customised. The mattress also depends on necessity of individual. Price of the pod is not known. You could have read our previous articles about spa bed, celebrity spa suites and car spa.

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