The Ovei Pod: A Sleek New Sanctuary For The Modern Individual

The challenges of modern life have given rise to many inventions and innovations. Among these, stands the Ovei Pod, a self-contained unit that offers refuge to the modern individual. The journey of the Ovei Pod to its current avatar began in 2002, when British designer Lee McCormack hit upon the idea of this unit. The unit was initially called the Oculas. From 2005, McCormack began collaborating with McLaren Applied Technologies and eventually came up with the Ovei.

According to McCormack, the Ovei is “a sanctuary for the individual”. The British designer describes the pod as a unit that nurtures “inner wellness and strength”. As he puts it, the Ovei Pod emerged out of the constant challenges of modern life. The self-contained unit is not designed with the purpose of disconnecting people from the world. On the contrary, it offers what you could call “me-time”. For a little while, this becomes a temporary cocoon, a refuge from the bustle of everyday life.

Over the years, this self-contained pod has gone from boasting of a single sleek design, to being available in a variety of colors and versions. Ovei Pods are available in gaming versions and SPA versions. Some are built in collaboration with established luxury brands. Others boast of the touch of well-known artists who treat the Ovei as their canvas. In addition, the Ovei Pods can be further customized to meet the requirements of specific customers.

The basic design offers integrated 5.1 surround sound. The interior material is specially designed using acoustic surface design treatment to ensure the best effects while unwinding to good music or movies. The main viewing screen is placed about 60cm away from the user. This is believed to be the optimal position. However, users can also ask for extra side and control interface screens for that surround viewing experience. The seating is specially designed to provide full-body support and reduce stress on the back region. The seating provides armrests, touch screen functions and a work surface. Users can also change screen positions without having to move from the seated position.

These capsules are designed to block out all distraction. Generally, there are no windows, but these can be fitted if required. For instance, windows become necessary when Ovei Pods are used in schools, so that all students remain visible. You can place these pods anywhere. They require floor space of about 1m by 2m, are light, hardy, and easy to take apart and put together. Some versions can even be placed outdoors.

Moreover, the Ovei Pod is a great branding opportunity for firms. The exteriors offer prime advertising surface. But even the speakers and seating fabric can be put to good use. From the screen welcome to banner ads and Bluetooth broadcasting, this is ideal for brands.

The Ovei is compatible with most kinds of technology currently in use. But customization services are available as well. Moreover, the Ovei Pod is not necessarily built for only a single person. Users can avail of extension modules to ensure that a given pod seats up to three people. You can link your gadgets to the pod, video conference with a client, relax by playing games and so on.

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